A Brief Introduction of OFIYAA Tri-Screen

Are you busy in switching different work programs on small laptop screen? Have you imagined putting a pair of wings on your computer to improving work efficiency? OFIYAA will meet your requirements and make your job easier from now on. 

This product is easy to use and only needs to be connected to OFIYAA and your computer with different cables. Moreover, the OFIYAA Tri-Screen works with Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome-book and any device with a video out source. Below we will take a deep dive for those who have specific compatibility questions. If you are too curious and worry about how to use it, read on!

The largest diagonal size of OFIYAA monitor is 430mm/16.9 inch and the maximum tensile length is 400mm/15.7 inch and the fixed height is 210mm/8.3 inch.

Each screen of OFIYAA is equipped with a USB-C and an HDMI input interface.

If your laptop have two USB-C port, you just need to use USB-C wire for connection.

To put it simply, laptop will serve as power supply to OFIYAA Tri-screen, so set up workstation easily or not will depend on your laptop ports.

However, when your laptop only have one USB-C port or doesn’t have it, you can use HDMI and USB-A for connection. Meanwhile, please don’t forget plugging electric source to OFIYAA for light up the screen. If you encounter problems during the use, please contact us via Email: market@ofiyaascreen.com.

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