Reasons to Use Tri-Screen for Work-by OFIYAA

Good for meeting communication

What about video conferencing with more than three people on small screen? It is nice to use OFIYAA for working. Taking a picture for example. In this case, Three screens of three people meeting can be achieved. So now you can have video conferencing right out of the box and on-the-go.

Relieving working stress
Here's a customer said that the Tri-screen is an essential part of my daily setup. Without dedicated office space, I find myself trying to squeeze multiple applications into one tiny laptop screens which makes building presentations tedious. Running sales calls on one screen is also less than ideal, as presenter mode requires 2 screens. Using OFIYAA allows me to do everything I would have done in office but literally anywhere. The dual screens are perfect for keeping multiple windows open for just about any application. Highly recommend, can’t wait to see how these guys continue to innovate and enable remote work! Simply connect it to your laptop with the 2-in-1 cable that we offered in the package.

The OFIYAA Tri-screen is environment-friendly. It will not release harmful substance into the air or bring about noise pollution. It is not doubted that we need to do something to reduce pollution in our air to protect our environment. We can choose an low-carbon product to protecting our environment, why not? What’s more, you don’t have to purchase second laptop for working, which help you save money in some way.

Improving Work Efficiency
You may be currently suffering from lower productivity since working at home during the pandemic outbreak. There are too much additional gear, limited workspace with a single-screen laptop while on the go. You have to switch different programs frequently time to time. Study shows that with the utilization of multiple-screens, not only increase 42% in productivity, but also reduce 20% in errors. Now you’re ready to boost your productivity by up to 42%.

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