About Us

OFIYAA: Portable Triple Screen Laptop Workstation

With the development of intelligent technology today, how to improve the quality of human life and office efficiency with the help of various devices is the direction of our continuous research and development. Hope our products can change our life, make our life, and work more simple and convenient! In the future, we will launch more intelligent display products!

Founded in 2015, OFIYAA has been committed to the research and development of digital display equipment products and has accumulated rich experience in LED display and lighting fields. Before the crowd-funding of this product, we have gone through 4 generations of product testing and perfection before bringing this project to you. 

OFIYAA has two independent R&D centers, one in Canada and the other in Shenzhen, China, each equipped with a testing laboratory. We have factories in Taiwan, design teams, and sales offices in Korea, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.